About the Emissions Inequality Dashboard

What is the Dashboard?

The Emissions Inequality Dashboard allows users to explore inequalities in CO2 emissions across the world and within a country by linking emissions to income levels. The Dashboard provides emissions distribution across income groups for 1990 through 2015 using a combination of global and national income inequality data with national consumption emissions from 117 countries. There are three dashboards that allow users to view data on a global level, by region or by country. Future scenarios of carbon inequality are also shown, based on various possible trajectories of economic growth and carbon emissions. This is used to demonstrate how different income groups contribute to the global carbon budget, and to assess the remaining number of years before the carbon budget is diminished under different scenarios.

What is the purpose of the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is designed to be easy-to-use and visually engaging in order to increase engagement by the public and policymakers to inform climate policy decisions. The tool can help the public and policymakers assess each country's implied fair share of the global mitigation effort and target climate change mitigation solutions within a country according to the share of emissions by income level. This tool can also be used by developing country governments to inform their positions in the climate negotiations and for NGOs in high-income countries to press their governments to save the remaining carbon budget for inclusive development and poverty eradication.

What is the methodology behind the Dashboard?

The Dashboard was developed and used for the joint Oxfam/SEI Research Report, "The Carbon Inequality Era: An assessment of the global distribution of consumption emissions among individuals from 1990 to 2015 and beyond" which grabbed worldwide media attention in September 2020. For the methodology behind the Dashboard, refer to the research report available through this link. https://www.sei.org/publications/the-carbon-inequality-era/

What's next?

We are currently in the process of improving the functionality of the tool, including the ability to automate database updates with the latest publicly available data. We are also integrating the back-end with the Climate Equity Reference Calculator (CERC)1 so that the same inequality and emissions data are used for both tools.

[1] CERC is an online equity reference tool that applies a generalized and transparent equity reference framework to quantitatively examine national fair shares in rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Users can specify their own preferred interpretation of national responsibility and capability for climate action. This interpretation is then used, together with standard demographic and macroeconomic indicators, to determine each country’s implied fair share of the global mitigation effort according to the UNFCCC principles of equity. It also allows the user to estimate the global adaptation need, which is (for the moment) taken to include the loss & damage need.